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Andrew William Morrow (born July 25, 1961 AD, Kenmore, New York) (AWM) is a Chemical Engineer, Software Engineer and "privacy self-destruction" pioneer and Accidental Adventurer (AA). He is a student of the better-known AA master Sam Sloan. He is self-diagnosed as being on the which is closely related to the 2.5 years in criminal incarceration in Santa Clara County between 2006 and 2013.


Social network

We plow the fields, and scatter the good seed on the land,
But it is fed and watered by God's almighty hand.
He sends us snow in winter, the warmth to swell the grain,
The breezes and the sunshine, and soft refreshing rain.
All good gifts around us
Are sent from Heaven above.
So thank the Lord, O, thank the Lord for all his love.

We thank thee then, O Father, for all things bright and good,
The seedtime and the harvest, our life our health our food,
No gifts have we to offer for all thy love imparts,
But that which thou desirest, our humble thankful hearts.

All good gifts around us
Are sent from Heaven above..
So thank the Lord, thank the Lord for all his love..
I really wanna thank you Lord!
All good gifts around us
Are sent from Heaven above..
Then thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord for all his love..
Oh thank the Lord..

Florida and STScI

AWM saw, while in an office park in Melbourne, Florida, with his eyes only modified by his eyes modified only by the corrective lenses of his glasses, the about 20 seconds after vehicle breakup. He had used his icescraper he had kept from Buffalo to scrape off the layer of ice off of his windshield after he worked until 11 Pm the night before. He met many people who had personally met and shook the hand of (and some had a framed photo of it) . He worked for two years on the Science Planning and Scheduling System (SPSS) of the Hubble Space Telescope at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). . He heard the story that an astronomer related with STScI who was offered a draw in a chess game as part of a multi-board demonstration match from and declined, only to recognized too late that he should have accepted the draw and proudly bragged to his grandchildren of his draw with the grandmaster. AWM worked in Silicon Valley with:

Silicon Valley

AWM moved to Silicon Valley and soon settled in the "City of the Future",_California . He got married and purchased a townhouse in adjacent Mountain View. His wife suggested that he let his father-in-law invest in their real estate and buy a residential home but AWM declined, since his wife had warned him that her family would "tear them apart" and because LMM advised against it. After they separated, AWM moved back to Palo Alto, just renting rooms. Around 2006, he moved to the abutting East Palo Alto and started the real "adventurer" phase of his life story.

  • Renaisance Man and software engineer Philip Gust
  • Executive Robert Field
  • Software architect and database designer Leon Gudzendgra
  • Tom Siebel
  • Pehong Chen

Many others. (See below). AWN has had adventures in good civic. AWM has had adventures in an extraordinarilly productive mid-life crisis. AWM is currently on campaign in PA and EPA exploring civic boundaries at City Council meetings and in walking down the middle of streets as if he owns this-or-that sector of the urban landscape.

AWM has made many errors.

This is the history of civilization.

If AWM can only finish the music appreciation book for children he is working on and get the galleys to Ishi_Press by Q3 of 2017 and sell 5,000 copies next year, then he can pay his rent for the year. AWM struggles between that of the doubter (doubting Thomas?) Beethoven and Mozart. See "There are very different programming styles. I tend to see them as Mozart versus Beethoven. When Mozart started to write, the composition was finished. He wrote the manuscript and it was 'aus einem Guss' (from one cast). In beautiful handwriting, too. Beethoven was a doubter and a struggler who started writing before he finished the composition and then glued corrections onto the page. In one place he did this nine times. When they peeled them, the last version proved identical to the first one." As AWM traverse the urban substrate[1] , he vigilantly maintains his situation_awareness especially with regards to motor vehicles that exceed 500 pounds gross weight.[2]

AWM has made many friends via Wikipedia®. Some of them include Kat Walsh , Fred Bauder (currently disbarred, possibly unfairly. cares for mentally handicapped brother), David Gerard, Ann Heneghan (what is going on with DIT? There is an email bounce.), Alison Cassidy, Mike G-dwin, Brad Patrick, WMF's current inside counsel, WMF's current outside counsel, and many, many others who, for obvious reasons, choose to prefer not to share their identity on the Internet. AWM has made friends by writing or modifying people's BLPs.

AWM has made friends in law enforcement, including Lynne Johnson, Scott Vermeer, Hung LeDang, the EPA Force, Laura Wilson, and many, many others. In law and civil gov't including David Keene, Gary Baum, Michael Martello, Chuck Reed. Members of the including Jonathan Groner. Members of the judiciary including Shawna Swartz, Stephen Manley, the late Kurt Kumli (brain cancer, aged 52), others. Many business associates including Jim Burke, Peter Shames, Tom Coumeau, Robin Lerner, Joe Polizzi, Karen Lezon, Mike Berman, John Barshinger, Patricia Parker (operations expert extraordinaire and super-efficient meeting manager), Nobel Prize winner Ricardo Giacconni, the late Barry M. Lasker , the late Roger Doxey, Marilyn Bell, Dorothy Fraquelli (contract bridge partner), (and many others at STScI), Philip Gust, Wing Chen, Bob Field, Leon Guzenga, Larry Smith (who gave AWM valuable advice tha Gain was his best next position) Tom Siebel, Pehong Chen, John Dawson, John Coker, Mike Flexer, Tony Fotherby, Chris Bedford, April Basang, (many, many others at Cayenne, later Gain Momentum), , Kevin Nickels, Everyone at (and Blaze Software and and later part of FICO) including Alain Rappaport, Patrick Perez, Jean-Marie Chauvet, Mike Braun (Intacct Corporation University of Rochester - William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration), Christine Jetty, Kevin Patterson, Jean-Luc Marce, Dir. Florence Perot (at Google as of 2016), Dr. Andrew Holland, David Wiser, Dr. David Mellor, Irwin Welker, Douglas Simpkinson (at Google as of 2016), Sheida Otmishi, MENSA member Richard Bixby, Tom F. Kelly, Gary Schoyer, Stefan Roever, Ted Munnich of Black Tulip Systems , and many, many others.

AWM has had an accidental adventure with mental illness. AWM was diagnosed with by Dr. Ali Hussain Alkoraishi , License Number: 36353 School Name: Date of Graduation: 01/01/1973 Original Issuance Date: 03/02/1981 Address: PO Box 700400, San José, CA 95170, USA Board Certifications: American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology - Psychiatry Postgraduate Training Years: 5 Years Dr. Ali of Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, 2625 Zanker Road, San Jose CA 95134. AWM's psych meds are 1 mg/day of for a 25 second psychotic episode AWM's mind entered in 1993 and 1500mg/day of (Depakote) as a mood stabilizer. LMM told AWM that he was a rather moody person.

AWM had an extended accidental adventure with deadly blod clots. It is much more convenient than Warfarin/Coumadin . AWM had stopped going to the Coumadin Clinic at San Mateo Medical Center (formerly known as Hillsdale) after his DVTs in 2007 after about two years.

On December 12, 2016, AWM tried to break in some new shoes and did a lot of walking. AWM has a 2 inch diameter blister on his right heel. G-d restores health to His children.

How beautiful are the feet . Isaiah 52:7 .

See also . AWM brings glad tidings: the blister is superficial and the attending physician, upon observing AWM's swollen left leg, opted to do a full ultrasound. This procedure detected blood clots (DVT) in AWM's popliteal vein. The physican prescribed rivaroxaban , (Xarelto).


AWM declares his HQ to be a mighty fortress. Romans 8:33 Who shall lay any thing to the charge of G-d's elect? It is G-d that justifieth. AWM's telephone number is 669-274-5195. AWM's email is . AWM's LKA is 2290 Ralmar Avenue, East Palo Alto, California, 94303-1415, USA, Earth. On AWM's Elect will be allowed to make impromptu visits. The initial working list of the Elect are POTUS, citizens listed on , George, the Sec. of State under 40th POTUS, his wife, Albert Pardini and are allowed to visit AWM at home without first making an appointment via his phone number. Note especially that any members that resign from the EPA City Counsel instantly lose their immpromptu visitation privileges. A chief of protocal will be named by March 3, 2017. Other U.S. Citizens will then be able to apply to be added to the list. Speicifcally excluded are local law enforcement, local judges, local prosecutors, the FBI, the Secret Service, the IRA, Mossad and any other such utterly expendable apish clowns. They are welcome, but they absolutely must make an appointment or face reprisals. AWM HQ proximal honor roll:

2274: Colorful festive light show during Xmas 2278: Washes Silverado 1500 and other good points of order 2287: Eagle over garage entrance. Horsehead mailbox (millenia of ) 2289: Eagle over garage entrance. Horsehead mailbox. Fire hydrant. Speed bump. 2294: Ceramic lions with one front paw raised ardorn wall. Lion over garage door. Birdhouse mailbox with extra house number.

If G-d be for us.

AWM has led a privileged life

AWM estimates his privilege score at the 80th percentile rank of all Americans. AWM estimates his privilege score of 80th percentile rank. AWM has suffered the nightmare-tortures of the cruel mistress of the blank page. AWM's writing plateaued in Novmeber 2016 A.D. and is improving. AWM wins November 2016's National Mid-life Crisis of the Month Award with delusions of planetary conquest as a sequella. Well, a little ambition might be a good thing.[3]

AWM imagines that he understands everything about systematically manipulating morale down to the unrefined bare metal. WKM was psychologically screened by the U.S. Navy and was found to have leadership qualities. Some say the WKM has perished from this Earth. AWM denies that. AWM asserts that WKM is alive. Alive! AWM asserts that WKM is alive in AWM. WKM's great-grandfather immigrated by ship from England to the USA and settled in Cleaveland, OH. He implemented innovations in natural gas meters and started Morrow Gas Works there. WKM's mothers Hellen lived in a mansion. Hellen grew up wearing white gloves to dinner with servants and the works. They had one of the first automobiles in that neighborhood of Cleveland. Her father cleverly deposited half the family's financial assets in cash into a safety deposit box and thus dodged the hardships of the Great Depression. RPM was one of the first American officers to visit Nagasaki after the Japanese surrender.[4]

JKM was accepted to Harvard University on full scholarship at the age of 16. Stripe upon stripe, generation upon generation, the blood tells. In 1974, CKM was awarded the Jamestown NY Chamber of Commerce Optimist Award. AWM, in a moment of anger, tore that award up into 16 pieces and cast it to the wind. AWM remembers. AWM learns. That light of optimism now shines in AWM. AWM predicts that 2017 will be better than 2016. The light of heros shines in his eyes. It makes his blood sing. St. Joe's Christmas Message 2016 . WKM committed face-to-face to AWM $20K to AWM's education despite that fact that WKM had six children. AWM is a product of the oldest technological university in the Western Hemisphere. AWM participate in a course entitled "Introduction to Surgical Technique" run by the RPI Biomedical Engineering Dept. in coorperation with Albany Medical School. Prof. of Biomedical Engineering (retired) Gerald Moss, MD, PhD, FACN, FCCM conducted the course. AWM's expensive education informs him that he is, with certainty, a cascade of macromocules. Theory of mind, G-d and all else are less certain. AWM witnessed the with his own naked eyes seconds after vehicular breakup. AWM finds his leadership potential in his bloodlines. AWM feels an iota of the Deity within. AWM vacillates between having a crisis in Faith in the style of St. Mother Teresa and that of rock-solid atheism.[5]

AWM struts around Lytton Plaza trying to raise the morale of the People as if he were some arrogant self-appointed patriotic Civic Leader from some video game known as "Rise of Nations", extolling the virtues of Digital DNA as if it were Jihad on steroids when in his mind he is just another nightmare baby-raper.[6][7][8]

The Earth is just AWM's personal kennel. Yes, amid the odious stench that repelled others in the past, AWM emerges from the battlefield of his mind, cleans up, and is smartly on the march again in almost no time at all with, for some inexplicable reason, no demerits and in immaculate uniform. AWM without his soul-rape is like a policeman without his firearm.

AWM has been lucky in having many talented, kind friends

There are no volunteers. There are only conscripts. The following are members of the Awm movement. AWM invokes, just for old time's sake, each and every one of his old friends now.

They shaped AWM's mind. They are his anchor, his keel and his rudder as he navigates the High Seas of the Future. AWM's hand is upon the tiller, but the Future is uncertain and the foundering of his Ship is always near.

Other Stanford people.

AWM suffers from delusions of gradeur. AWM knows that. AWM self-actualizes .

  • This is Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg . http://

There are very many more. The lists grow.

AWM is just a Man

AWM appreciates tasteful public nudity and nude photography, including of teenaged females. See also Some of the following listed might object to the label of "erotic".

Other biography


Andrew William Morrow (b. July 25, 1961 , Kenmore Mercy Hospital, Kenmore, New York) is the second son of [[../William Knight Morrow]] PE and Laura Marie Morrow RN. AWM's only child is [[../Anna Marie Morrow]] RN by Suzanne Margaret Frank MD. He is a pioneer in Open Source Humanity (OSH) for the purposes of world peace and in particular, using open source technology to move humanity Toward a Nuclear-free World.


AWM was born at Kenmore Mercy Hospital.[9] In 1964, while playing with sharp-pointed scissors and an empty cereal box, he injured his left hand and still has a scar from that. His mother took him back to that same hospital and they wrapped the piercing injury but it required no stitches. That is one of his earliest memories.

He grew up in a Roman Catholic family of six children. He went to Lindburgh Elementary public school for kindergarten.[10]

In 1973, he moved down to Jamestown NY for sixth and seventh grades, he attended St. Peter and Paul school on Buffalo St. in Jamestown NY. It is now called Holy Family Catholic School, 1135 N Main St, Jamestown, NY 14701. After weeks after moving, he had a bicycling accident on the steeply sloped road near his house and sped down the hill out of control and flipped forward on the bicycle, avulsing three of his front teeth. His brother Chris bicycled home for help but a dentist lived on that street and helped him on that Sunday.

While in Jamestown, he participated in Boy Scouts and performed in the talent show, playing the piano. In the second year, he forget his piece during the evening performance and ran off stage, upset and disappointed, having not practiced enough. In Jamestown, he helped his brother Christopher with his newspaper delivery route.

AWM was involved in Cub Scouts and Webelos.

AWM moved back to Kenmore, NY.

AWM graduated from St. John the Baptist grade school in Kenmore, New York.[11] He attended Mass at the Church of the same name and location.[12] He was an altar boy at the church.

AWM was involved in Boy Scout Troop 104 in Kenmore led by Scoutmaster Don Hourigan.[13] He went on a bicycling trip with the scouts and his brother Paul and ran his bicycle into a fellow Scout who had hit him. That Scout went to the hospital for stitches on his chest. Later that weekend, his bicycle chain fell off and he lost control of his bicycle and injured his left elbow. Scoutmaster Don cleaned the wound and called AWM's father to take him to the hospital. He still has a raised scar from that injury.

Starting around 1975, AWM participated in the local SCA, the Barony of the Rhydderich Hael.[14] Performed in choir led by Ariana Winthrop (Karen Spitalnik) and went to the Pennsic Wars held at Coopers Lake in PA and skinny dipped along with the others in the creek there.[15][16] He eventually built a chain hauberk out of wire he accumulated from his newspaper route.

AWM scored a 1330 on his SAT exams. Math: 750 English: 580. [17]

AWM participated in his brother Christopher's photography lab in the basement of the Crosby house. He produced some grainy photos of a football games between SJCI and their rival Canisius High School and they appeared in the SJCI school paper. He took some photos of one of the high scoreers in the SAT tests while he was wearing a suit. That student was one of the few African Americans at SJCI. He later that year died of a drug overdose. AWM produced large prints of those photos and presented them to the subject's mother as a memorial.

AWM performed in his senior year SJCI's production of the musical "Guys and Dolls" as a member of the Salvation Army band with no lines. James V. Deiotte was the musical director.[18] Also performed in Glee Club and Swing Choir. Played one game for the Chess team as a 5th board alternate and won. He was a member of the SJCI Gaming Club.

In 1979, AWM graduated from St. Joseph's C.I. in Kenmore.[19] Favorite teachers were in chemistry, math (Br. Joseph Wilkowski) and physics (Dr. Charles W. Breem). He did not attend his graduation ceremony.

For university, AWM went to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and graduated in 1983 with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering.[20]

Returned home after freshman year at returned to work at the Mount Olivet Cemetery as a groundskeeper.[21] Participated in the Kenmore West summer production of the musical "Oliver!".[22] After auditions, was found practicing his singing in the 2nd floor girls bathroom. The janitor called the police and AWM was arrested but released because of the vagueness of the charges.

In January 1981, he attended the first LASTcon, a science fiction convention, in Albany NY. He lost his virginity there to an older woman.[23] Around this time, AWM tried marijuana. He has rarely used it since and has tried no other illegal drugs.

For the remaining summers of his RPI career, he worked for Prof. Meyer Birnboim in an computerized optical bench lab, studying polymers in solution.[24] AWM spent one of these summers at CMU, living with his brother Christopher's former roommates. He worked at Prof. Guy C. Berry's lab and met Dr. Ruth Furukawa there.[25][26]

In senior year at RPI, he attended a visit by Bella Abzug. She related a humorous story about wanting to use the Congressional swimming pool and being told that the male Congressmen were accustomed to swimminig nude. She joked that she did not mind (implying that that was not going to stop her). With this in mind, AWM swam nude in the RPI '87 Gym swimming pool, even while there were females present. He would politely ask them if it was OK and put his bathing suit back on if they did not approv. There was an article about this the school newspaper, The Polemic, written by AWM's high school mate, Michael Casey.

After graduating from RPI in 1983, AWM returned to Kenmore, New York and spent a few months loafing around. He then spent a few weeks the summer with his brother Christopher slowly repainting and repairing the cottage in Wainfleet. He rejoined the local SCA group and met Prof. Karen O'Quinn, who was the local dance mistress.[27]

In the fall of 1983, he then found work at an adhesives and coatings manufacturer as a chemist.

On November 20, 1983, AWM and O'Quinn watched the TV film "The Day After" at her apartment on Colvin Blvd in north Buffalo.[28]

In 1985, he moved to Melbourne, Florida and worked for EDS. AWM was deeply impressed at how watching the Space Shuttle launch from 20 miles away looked like the nuclear missile launches in The Day After.

In 1987, he moved to Baltimore, Maryland and worked for the Space Telescope Science Institute at the Johns Hopkins University campus.

While he was at STScI, he met Dr. Lisa Roberts at a Baltimore Folk Music Society contra dance.[29][30][31]

In 1990, AWM moved out to Silicon Valley in California and worked at various company, starting with contracting at Stanford Telecom in Santa Clara.[32] He soon moving on to Objectivity.[33]

He met his wife at a Bay Area County Dance Society contra dance. They soon married his now wife on his 30th birthday in 1991. They had a simple, small ceremony at the San Jose Hall of Justice.[34]

After a month of being married, they purchased the townhouse at 366 Sierra Vista Ave. #3 , Mountain View CA.[35]

In 1993, their only child, Anna Marie Morrow was born. Within weeks, they separated (and later legally separated) and in 2000, they divorced. In 1994, Suzanne had Andrew arrested and convicted for domestic violence. This conviction has been expunged from AWM's record and will eventually be removed from this biography at Wikitree.

During this time, AWM continued to work at various software companies. See his LinkedIn of Facebook entries for details.

In 2005, Morrow started to write about his ideas about thermonuclear war and human world population level stabilization and sustainability for the United States.[36]

AWM was arrested and convicted of harassment with an electronic device (California Penal Code 653m) with victims of Carly Fiorina and Mary Van Note.[37]

Andrew has his friends [38] and some bullies like to be mean to him.[39]

Notable contacts

AWM has met many notable people (as defined by Wikipedia® and a few others).

Key: A=audience member , F2F=Face to face, EP=phone or email conversation, NW: Net Worth if not already tracked by Wikipedia

November 4, 1991 memorial concert to Phil Graham in Golden Gate Park:

2003 concert in Golden Gate Park

A song for my father

Others say that my father is dead but I say that he but sleeps (John 11:15). Instead of weeping, I shall sing a song:

The leader of the band is tired and his eyes are growing old
His blood runs through my instrument and his song is in my soul
My life has been a poor attempt to imitate the man
I am the living legacy to the leader of the band


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