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Alison Cassidy is an Irish immigrant Apple Cupertino Engineering manager. She is a lesbian mother. She has been destroying the product of AWM's work at English Wikipedia from 2006 to the present, based on the offense she took at AWM attempting to have two-way communication with Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) keyboard instructor Ann Heneghan AKA Musical_Linguist. She announced her intention to do so on in July 2006 and has never made the least concession nor seen fit to negotiate the matter.


Cassidy's work location is Infinite Loop 5 building (engineering, development and R&D . Entrace approx. at .

As of 2011 - no later reconnaissance as of 2016: 30-something svelte brunette female guard at lobby desk. Ally probably works on 2nd floor to the South. Cassidy probably had something to do with this idiotic Lost Cause , namely this stillborn attempt to render AWM unemployable. was born in Alabama.
Who's Next?

Luxembourg is next to go,
And (who knows?) maybe Monaco.
We'll try to stay serene and calm
When Alabama gets the Bomb.


Santa Clara. Zip code 95050 .

Bounty list

  • $10: This is one used piece of absorbent toilet paper (any brand) with at least 1 mg bolus of fecal material.
  • $15: This is one used Q-tip® or equiv with at last 0.3 mg of ear wax from right ear canal. $0 if from left ear canal.
  • $10: This is one strand of scalp hair at least 3 inches in length. $5 bonus if detetable hair color.
  • $10: This is one strand of body hair at least 0.5 inches in length.
  • $15: This is one strand of "crisp"(crinkled) pubic or axial hair at least 1 inch in lengh.
  • $20: This is one vial of at least 0.1 ml tear from left eye. $0 if from right eye.
  • $30: This is one full facial tissue with at least 2 mg mucous from left nostril. $5 bonus if from right nostril.
  • $40: This is a styrofoam coffee cup that Cassidy has drunk from. A little , a little DNA sequencing, and then it is off to the genealogy databases to hunt down every living relative out the degree of 4th cousin, minors included and subsequent tracking of all pregnant ones. It worked for . Look at this magnificent male detective work in 2009 where they already have her and they just want more evidence for trial. They mention that the males have about 17 years of service and Stephanie has 22 years of experience. An entire hour of plodding, drab questioning in a voluntary interview where she is clueless. See at 1:04:00 when Stephanie realizes that they are on to her crime of murder and that her career is over and her life as she knew it is forever and profoundly changed. Stephanie finally realizes what is going on and walks out only to return in handcuffs a few minutes later. This is a bucal swab, dandruff or whatever. Cassidy was centered around,_County_Cork . That or thereabouts. Is her mother still alive? Hunt them all down. Study Nazi techniques on this task. Cash bonuses for verified accurate reports.
  • $50: This is one used tampon ($5 extra for Cotex®) with at least 1 ml menstral blood.

Blood bounties of specific bilateral organs and tissues at higher denominations: TBD. (E.g. $0 for left kidney, $X for right kidney, delivered alive and intact and ready for transplantation to an identified compatable needy recipient only to be disintegrated and poured into local sanitary sewer drains where properly licensed California Chemical Engineer designed and stamped the drawnings for the known destination Water Treatment facility with flock settling tanks, unit operations equations, chemical treatment, final destitation for accumulated "brown cake" - as opposed to Bush's ficitious "yellow cake" , etc.) Chemical Engineering license number must be identified and independently confirmed in triplicate as accurate before organ disintegration ritual allowed to proceed. (CA Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Geologists, and Geophysicists) Paper record confirmation also must be purchased. There will be delays in payment since proof positive that the acts are untraceable by law enforcement will be required.