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This wiki intends to considerably roll back privacy for all components of the biosphere of Earth in part to prompt people to consider the problems of the USA and geopolitics that future human generations will face in the coming few centuries. In order words, nuke imaginary privacy so that we do not nuke our real physiological bodies and our living environment.

As an example, the reader is encouraged to transcend their status of gender, sexual orientation, race, education and such and consider themselves to be, with certainty, a cascade of macro-molecules with a remarkable mind and other talents such as foresight. If others are playing on the beach and are unaware of an earthquake at sea that might cause a tsunami, the reader is encourage to guide others to higher ground now before the tsunami appears on the horizon by any means necessary.

If the nukes fly (perhaps because of overpopulation or because the USA National Trade Debt becomes unserviceable), then the nukes certainly will not respect anyone's privacy.

Of course, some privacy still exists:

  • The shape of one's key teeth that correspond to the tumblers of one physical locks.
  • One's computerized security codes and passwords.
  • The location of one's security vaults or safety deposit boxes.
  • One's money.
  • The security systems that safeguard one's water and food supply and medicine and such.
  • The launch codes in the football for POTUS to let the nukes fly.
  • Anything much else?